Brother CM250 vs CM350

Brother CM250 and Brother CM350 are two digital cutting machines that share many similarities. They both can scan images in high resolutions and cut directly from these images. So, which model will give you the best value out of the money? Read the comparison of Brother CM250 vs CM350 below to find out the answer.

What we will discuss in this article includes:
– The design and dimensions of each cutting machine here
– What file formats that are supported by each model
– The connectivity features of Brother CM250 and Brother CM350
– How many built-in designs and fonts that each model has
– The cutting performance of Brother CM250 vs CM350
– The warranty information for these cutting machines
– Which Brother model that is more recommended for you

These cutting machines look quite different. Brother CM250 is slightly lighter than Brother CM350. Each of them is equipped with a beautiful LCD touchscreen for control. See also: Silhouette Cameo vs. Brother ScanNCut.

Brother CM250 has a white body with purple lines. On the top, there is a white flower drawing with a purple background. The control panel that houses the touchscreen is located on the top right. On the front, there is a semi-transparent tray which can help to hold the output. Overall, it looks cute and modern. This model measures 22.5 inches x 10 inches x 10.5 inches and weighs about 8.25 lbs.

Brother CM350 has a gray body with white lines. However, the control panel is black. On the top, there is a decorative drawing as well, but the flower is brown and has numerous small petals. It looks elegant and professional. This model measures 23 inches x 10.25 inches x 10.5 inches and weighs about 8.6 lbs.

Supported File Formats
One of the differences between Brother CM250 vs CM350 is the supported file formats. This is an important thing to consider if your projects often require you to work with different apps and devices. Using the same file format across all the apps and devices ensures optimum compatibility.

Brother CM250 is actually an older model, and the machine only supports the FCM file format. Not many apps and devices support this file format, although most other Brother cutting machines support it. If you want to use an image file as the base design of your cut, you need to convert the image into FCM by using the Scan N Cut Canvas app.

Brother CM350 is a newer model. This model supports FCM and SVG file formats. Compared to FCM, SVG is more widely supported. It is compatible with many image editing apps, and also compatible with the Scan N Cut Canvas app. In fact, you can use the Scan N Cut Canvas app to convert image files into SVG as well.

Converting image files into SVG is relatively easier because there are many apps that can do the job for you. Some image editing apps can save files in SVG directly, so there is no need for a lengthy and risky conversion process. Professionals who use apps like Inkscape will find the SVG support really helpful.

USB Connectivity
Each of these two cutting machines comes with a USB port. However, there is a difference in the functionality. Depending on how you intend to use the cutting machine, either Brother CM250 or Brother CM350 will be better.

Brother CM250 has a USB port that only accepts flash drives. So, you can save your designs in a USB stick in order to import them to the cutting machine. However, you can’t use the USB port to connect a computer directly. So, this model is more of a stand-alone cutting machine that operates without being connected to a computer.

This is totally fine if you are not planning to integrate your cutting machine to your computer system. However, if you make designs on your computer, having to copy the files to a USB stick in order to cut them is definitely inconvenient and time-consuming.

Brother CM350 has a USB port which accepts flash drives, but it can also connect directly to a computer. This is very convenient. You can still use USB sticks when needed, but you can also integrate the cutting machine to your computer using a USB cable. It will be pretty much like a printer. By connecting the cutting machine directly, you can immediately cut your designs from your computer.

Even if you didn’t plan to connect the cutting machine to your computer, it can be a great idea. Cutting designs directly from your computer will save a lot of time. That said, you can still use the cutting machine independently without a computer connection.

Wi-Fi Connectivity
The next big difference between Brother CM250 vs CM350 is the Wi-Fi connectivity. If your home has a wireless network, this feature can be incredibly useful. But, if you don’t have a wireless network, you probably don’t need to worry about not having this feature.

Brother CM250 does not have Wi-Fi. It can’t connect to any wireless device or network. So, the only way for this unit to receive new designs besides the built-in ones is via the USB port. The Brother CM250 cutting machine is fine if you only need a simple device for your hobby.

Brother CM350 is equipped with Wi-Fi. As a result, it can connect wirelessly to a computer or mobile device. This is really convenient. By using a wireless connection, you don’t need to deal with any annoying cable, and you can send your images to be cut from anywhere within the Wi-Fi range.

You are able to send images directly from a tablet or smartphone to the cutting machine. This is a great news for people who want to be able to work from their mobile devices. In addition, you can connect Brother CM350 to your home’s wireless network so that it can be utilized by multiple computers and mobile devices in the network.

Built-in Designs and Fonts
If you want a simple cutting machine that is capable of making various shapes and patterns, choosing a model with good built-in designs and fonts is very important. You need to be creative in mixing the designs and fonts for your projects. Having more options to choose from is always a good thing. Even if you prefer to make your own designs, the built-in ones can be still very handy.

Both Brother CM250 vs CM350 are very good in this aspect. They both come with hundreds of built-in designs. Brother CM250 has more design but fewer fonts than Brother CM350.

On Brother CM250, you get 700 cut designs, 100 quilt designs, and 5 fonts. With this wealth of options, you can be as creative as you want in your projects. The number of fonts available here may feel somewhat limited, especially if you usually work on diverse projects that require varying styles.

On Brother CM350, you get 631 cut designs, 100 quilt designs, and 7 fonts. Although it has fewer cut designs than Brother CM250, this is not a real problem. There are still lots of options available. Not to mention that there are more font options here. Having more fonts is arguably more useful for diverse projects.

Resolution and Cutting Performance
These two models have a similar scanner resolution and cutting dimensions. The native resolution of the scanner is 300 DPI, which is more than just good enough for producing high quality images. The maximum cutting width is 11.7 inches. They both can accommodate 12”x12” and 12”x24” cutting mats.

Both models also have background scan, welding, and auto-layout capabilities. With the background scan, you can take a design and then move it to the desired area simply by dragging it. The welding function will allow you to combine shapes, drawings, and writings for intricate cuts. The auto-layout will allow the machine to adjust the image size automatically to fit in the material.

Brother CM250 and Brother CM350 are equipped with a German carbide blade. It is solid and durable. It is also sharp, and the motor is quite powerful. It can cut materials of up to 2mm thick.

The performance of these cutting machines is generally good. They can cut paper, cardbox, and aluminum foil very well. They can also handle wool felt and quilting cotton with good results. The edges of the cut lines are smooth and clean. However, some users say that Brother CM250 and Brother CM350 are not powerful enough for cutting leather. You can work with thin fabrics, but you may need to utilize freezer papers to keep the material in place.

Brother CM250 and Brother CM350 is backed by the same warranty policy. Each cutting machine here comes with a limited warranty which covers the parts and labor for 1 year, and the electronic components and circuit parts for 2 years.

The customer support is known to be helpful and responsive. If you have any technical issue or complaint, or if you want to make a warranty claim, you can contact the customer support for more information. But keep in mind that the warranty does not cover any damage that is caused by user abuse or improper use.

Brother CM250 vs CM350

- Accessories include: standard blade holder
- Standard blade
- Deep cut blade holder
- Standard 12"x12" mat
- 300 DPI BUILT-IN SCANNER: The ScanNCut2 machine allows you to turn your scanned images into unique cut designs and patterns
- LARGE COLOR TOUCHSCREEN: The Brother ScanNCut2 CM350 includes a 4.85” LCD touchscreen that allows users to easily select functions
- WIRELESS NETWORK READY: The CM350 permits multiple connectivity options, including PC connectivity and standalone or wireless network connectivity
- LARGE SCANNING AND CUTTING AREA: Use the included 12” x 12” cutting mat or upgrade to a larger mat to create and cut a wide variety of designs

Between these two models, Brother CM350 is more recommended. It comes with far better features. It supports FCM and SVG file formats, so professionals will find it handy. In addition to the USB port, there is also built-in Wi-Fi. It can connect directly to computers and mobile devices.

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