Brother Coverstitch 2340CV Review: Chain Stitch Capability

The sewing machine is the main tool to create a product obtained, in addition to the main ingredient of fabric and thread to sew. In accordance with the need for sewing, sewing machine is made based on its function, as will be discussed in this time and based on that I know of for roads in convection and garment, can probably be references also to you who want to start opening up effort convection. In accordance with its name the sewing machine, sewing machine this function to combine the one part with another part, the meaning of “section” element here is the element that will be consolidated into a finished product, such as the textile sleeve, collar, body, which is made based on the pattern. The use of this means sewing machine to accelerate the process of work so that the time on the need to create a finished product much faster textile and presentable. Some companies have managed to promote its flagship product and one of them is Brother Coverstitch 2340cv and the review this time will discuss more about Sewing machine namely Brother Coverstitch 2340cv.

Brother Coverstitch 2340CV Review Chain Stitch Capability

The 2340CV Cover Stitch is a kind of an advanced serger of sewing machine, it allows you to create a wide range of cover stitches on all types and weights of fabric for both decorative and constructive applications. It also expands your creativity with the advanced technology inside the machines. It features a tri-cover stitch for 3mm and 6mm size, wide and narrow cover stitches, color- coded threading, easy looper threading, adjustment dials for stitch length, a presser foot dial, snap on feet and differential feed which allows you to alter the speed at which your fabric is feeding through the machine. With 3 needles and one looper thread, the cover stitch machine creates professional hems, chain stitch and decorative stitching great for making the perfect T-shirt in no time. This machine will allow you to hem T-Shirts, attach lace, attach taping and binding, sew decorative stitching, attach elastic, attach lace, do belt loop stitching, circular hemming, attach elastic lace & hem stitching. But, once you have not to do is using this machine which do not support 120V AC even if a voltage adapter is in use.

Create a wide range of cover stitches with the Brother 2340CV serger. Work with all types and weights of fabric using the 2340CV’s advanced technology. This machine creates professional hems for a finished look to your project. This is one of recommended sewing machine to everyone who considering purchasing a cover stitch machine. The stretch ability of the cover stitch is absolutely better than using a double-needle on a regular sewing machine. This machine is also a perfect one because, it can require a cover and complete the job in half time. No time wasted on changing a machine to do a simple cover stitch. The Brothers 2340CV has 3 needles so it can produce 4 different stitch types. Triple Stitch for using all 3 needles and is the sportiest of the stitches. Twin Narrow uses two of the needles, Twin Wide uses the left and right needles, and Chain Stitch uses 1 needle.Threading this machine is really easy if you’re familiar with threading a serger. Threading is color-coded and numbered.

- Differential Feed - Chain Stitch Capability - Two needle 2-3-4 thread cover stitch only

Overall, this product of sewing machine is easy to follow lay-in threading, the dial adjustment for stitch length is good, it can eliminates the wavy or stretched appearance of stitches on fabrics, and it snaps-on presser food. You will definitely feel glad in choosing this machine.

Specifications of Brother Coverstitch 2340cv
· Differential fabric feed for better stitch quality
· Two needle 2-3-4 thread cover stitch only
· Cover Stitch Capability 3mm and 6mm
· Chain Stitch Capability
· Easy color-coded threading
· Stitch length 2mm to 4mm
· Presser foot pressure adjustment

Pros of Brother Coverstitch 2340cv
· Show off your creativity with Brother’s advanced technology
· Color-coded threading guides
· Differential feed improves results when sewing stretch, knitted or thin fabrics
· Eliminates the wavy or stretch appearance of stitches on some fabrics
· Dial adjusts for stitch length up to 4mm
· Slide lever adjustment for differential feed helps prevent puckering, or can gather light weight fabrics
· Snap-on presser foot

Price of Brother Coverstitch 2340cv
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