Brother HC1850 vs. Brother CS6000I

Brother HC1850 and Brother CS6000I are two computerized sewing machines that are both rich in features. They are made by the same manufacturer, Brother, a multinational electronics and electrical equipment company that has been in the market as early as 1908. When it comes to sewing machine products, people just don’t underestimate Brother’s products. The company has proven that Brother’s sewing machines hold exceptional qualities. Brother CS6000I has been a best-selling model for quite some time, while a lot of people have put a particular interest in Brothers HC1850 as well. Which one should you choose?

Brother HC1850 vs. Brother CS6000I

The Similarities
These two models share many similarities to each other. They each has an LCD screen for easy and practical control, a foot pedal, a programmable needle up/down, also start/stop and speed control buttons. Though the overall designs and layouts are certainly different, the functionalities of the two are identical. You can use either of them in pretty much the same way. They are also equally easy to use. Besides they are able to sew, they can also perform quilting and decorative stitching. Please read: Singer 4411 vs. Brother CS6000I.

Brother HC1850 and Brother CS6000I each also has an automatic needle threader, a very beneficial feature that can save you from a lot of eye strain. Their bobbin systems are also top drop-in. Brother HC1850 and Brother CS6000I accept maximum stitch width of 7mm and maximum stitch length of 5mm. You don’t need to worry about the performance because they have similar motor speed, 850 stitches/minute, which is certainly fast enough to serve even a large number of jobs.

The Differences
Being a bit pricier, Brother HC1850 brings more built-in stitches, buttonholes, and a monogramming font. Brother CS6000I has 60 built-in stitches and 7 one-step buttonholes, but has no monogramming font. So, you can’t use Brother CS6000I for monogramming. On the other hand, Brother HC1850 has 130 built-in stitches, 8 one-step buttonholes, and a monogramming font that works very well on heavy fabrics.

Brother CS6000I is also lighter by 0.2 pounds than Brother HC1850. Nevertheless, this is not noticeable at all in real-life usage.

- Feature-packed, versatile, and reliable; perfect for sewing, quilting, basic monogramming, and decorative stitching
- Comprehensive set of 130 stitches, plus a sewing font for basic monogramming
- Comes complete with an attached stitch flip-chart, detachable foot controller, 8 specialty feet for overcasting, buttonholes, blind hems, zippers, quilting, and more
- Special quilting features include a detachable wide table, spring action quilting foot, 14 quilting stitch functions, and the ability to do free-motion quilting
- Includes instructional DVD, Bilingual users manual, 25 year limited warranty, and free phone support for the life of the product
- Versatile, value-packed, perfect for a wide range of sewing and quilting projects, accessories are stored inside a compartment on the arm of the sewing machine
- Select stitches and adjust stitch length and stitch width via settings seen on the LCD display
- Stop/start button allows use without included foot control
- Jam-resistant Quick-set top drop-in bobbin makes setting and accessing your bobbin thread a breeze. No more fishing for your bobbin thread
- Bilingual user manual, 25-year limited warranty, and free phone support for the life of the product

Brother HC1850 vs. Brother CS6000I
The price gap between Brothers HC1850 and Brother CS6000I is not too big. Considering that Brother HC1850 offers an additional functionality in a form of monogramming, along with more stitch style choices, we recommend you to choose it!

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