Brother JX2517 VS LX3817

Comparison of Brother JX2517 vs LX3817 – Brother Industries sudah memulai usahanya sejak 1955. Mereka konsisten menghasilkan perlatan elektronik yang berkualitas. Hari ini sudah terproduksi lebih dari 50 juta produk mesin jahit. Bagi anda yang menyukai aktivitas menjahit atau mungkin akan memulai belajar menjahit. Maka pastikan untuk membaca artikel ini hingga akhir. Karena saya akan membahas comparison of Brother JX2517 vs LX3817. Kedua produk ini merupakan mesin jahit tingkat awal dengan reputasi yang tinggi. Walaupun memiliki konsep yang terlihat serupa, kenyataannya produk tersebut memiliki perbedaan.

Perbedaan bisa pembeli lihat dari sisi ketersedian fitur-fitur yang mesin jahit miliki. Comparison of Brother JX2517 vs LX3817, memiliki desain dan letak kontrol pada mesin yang sepenuhnya berbeda. Hasil jahitannya yang bagus, untuk material kain dengan ketebalan tipis hingga tebal. Lantas manakah mesin yang memiliki fitur mudah digunakan oleh pengguna. Seperti memiliki fitur pasang jarum otomatis dan membuat lubang kancing cepat.

Complete Information Comparison of Brother JX2517 vs LX2763

Complete information comparison of Brother JX2517 vs LX2763 – Good news for those of you looking for sewing machine information. With lightweight specifications and has a size that is easy to place anywhere. But machines must also have the ability to sew for many styles of clothes, include repairing clothes. Surely you want a sewing machine with the latest models. Brother JX2517 vs LX2763, is the hottest product today. Read also: Silhouette Cameo 4 vs Cricut Explore Air 2.

Both products have the advantage of being used for sewing every day, with all the features and completeness of simple accessories. Brother designs sewing machine products directly to use, without the buyer assembling the machine when buying it. Make sure to read the basic manual and general instructions for use. A comparison of Brother JX2517 vs LX2763 will help you understand which one has the best functionality.

More information for you, if Brother equips both products with LED lights. As a solution for user who find it difficult to move the needle, due to the shadows of the sewing arm and machine when they work. The position of the LED light is right under the arm, so it will immediately illuminate the needle and suture material. Manufacturers design sewing machines with the aim of being a quality product for beginners.

 Brother JX2517 Brother LX3817
Product Dimensions17.3 x 14 x 7.5 inches
17 x 14 x 7 inches
Shipping Weight13 pounds
13 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

The good news is that both machines are released at relatively cheap prices. The comparison Brother JX2517 vs LX2763 helps you find out. Which is the best machine for sewing and repairing? Which has more stitch style options? Which one is easy to use embroidering? Which one is able to optimally develop sewing skills? Make sure that if you buy that best suits your needs.

Built-in Stitches of the Two Brother Products

I will now talk about the information on the built-in stitches of the two Brother sewing machines. First the Brother JX2517 and LX3817, both of which come with 17 stitches built in. Including the four steps to make buttonholes. With type JX 2517 it has 38 stitch functions. Such as straight stitch, zig zag, blind hem, snap on, stretch, elastic, overdge, double action, bridging and many others.

Unfortunately the JX2517 type is not equipped with an automatic needle thread maker. So you still have to manually thread your pinhole. The advantage is that all users can easily wind the spool of yarn. Using the bobbin winder located at the top of the machine. You can slowly turn the spool to fill it fully, with the help of the top drop in bobbin. Brother LX3817 users who need additional, can use the SA156 type 15 bobbin. What makes tailors in general often feel frustrated, is tucking the thread from the bottom up. Both types of Brother sewing machine products make it easy for you to automatically enter the thread. Through openings making it easier and faster to sew. The transparent yarn spindle cover makes it easy for the user to see the yarn stock.

Every Brother sewing machine needs an extra supply of needles. Brother JX2517 releases with a set of needles that you can use depending on the thickness of the fabric. Extra needles are also sold separately, so users can buy them again. In case the supply of needle size is broken or may be lost. As a modern sewing machine, it has features to adjust thread tension. Use the control dial on top of the needle, together with the thread cutter on the left. The Brother LX3817 also has a needle set, in the form of a pen needle size 90/14 and twin needles. You just have to follow the diagram on the machine when you insert the needle. This activity must be done manually, because there is no automatic needle lever. It’s not a big deal if you have good eyesight.

Which One Brother Sewing Machines Is More Economical

The question that often arises is which one is more economical between the Brother JX2517 vs LX3817. Users who sew using the LX3817 type machine can get a maximum speed of up to 850 spm. It is enough to use the CSA 110V mains voltage which is not too large. While the JX2517 type gets a speed of 900 spm. Both the Brother JX2517 and LX3817 products have a warranty of up to 25 years on the chassis. Meanwhile, 1 year warranty for spare parts, accessories and power. 2 year warranty for electronic components category. The Brother JX2517 type is fairly light, weighing 12 lbs while its competitors weigh just 10.4 lbs. The size of the Brother sewing machine has the same dimensions, which are 12 “H = 5.8″, W = 15.3 ”

The appearance of the Brother sewing machine in white with blue accents looks pretty. I think the Brother LX3817 is the right choice, for those of you who sew for the garment business. Products are sold at a low budget. Engine power will be controlled from the speed of the user’s foot pedal. Because not all sewing machines produced by Brother work computerized. There is no problem using the foot pedal, because the pedal is light and can move optimally even on slippery floors.

You can add non-slip pads by purchasing them separately. The LX3817 type is said to be suitable for beginners learning to sew. Because the available options have a simple explanation. Make sure to always read the instruction manual or at least watch the video tutorials. So you can prepare a Brother sewing machine and use it more easily. Besides it can avoid small problems, which can make the user a headache.

Comparison of Sewing Thick Fabrics with Brother Products

Can JX2517 vs. LX3817 Brother sewing thick fabrics? The JX2517 type does have an affordable price. However the product is released by a heavy machine, if you want to sew denim you need to use a suitable needle. You can even sew up to a fourth layer of denim without a hitch. Can the Brother sewing machine sew upholstery fabrics? Unfortunately the Type JX2517 can’t do it.

Meanwhile, the Brother LX3817 sewing machine can sew fabrics with a thickness of 6mm. This means that you can use the machine to sew denim fabrics. Make sure that the sewing needle you are using is the right size and thread type. Point the handwheel in your direction, when going to advance the needle safely. Most users will instead rely on the foot pedals. You know, if LX3817 also fine made of quilted blankets. Attach the quilting leg to ¼ ”size so that it supports the seam appropriately. The components of these accessories can be purchased separately.

When purchasing Brother sewing machine, it will arrive without a case and cover. But you can buy a tote bag separately. Many prospective buyers ask, is there onboard storage available? The answer is that it includes storage that you can remove, every time you change your cuffs or sleeves. In addition, if you remove attachments, it can be used as a storage area for accessories.

Drawbacks of Brother Sewing Machine JX2517 Type vs LX3817

Overall Brother sewing machines for both types actually have no drawbacks that buyers need to take seriously. It’s just that users often make reviews that discuss the shortcomings of the two products. The JX2517 type has sewing options that are not as easy as it sounds. Users still have to get used to adjusting machine settings. In addition, the absence of an automatic needle threader makes users feel less happy.

Switch to discuss the shortcomings of the Brother sewing machine type LX3817. This machine has no protective shoes, allowing the quilting to move freely. You will need to buy a darning plate, so that the feed dogs can be covered. Users who want to control the speed, still have to do it manually with the automatic needle strap slider lever. The bobbin thread which is often jammed is a problem for most of the Brother LX3817 users. After tracing the problem arose, because these users did not take the time to read the instructions. Another common mistake is pressing the foot pedal, when inserting a needle confuses tension. That’s why the handwheel must point at the user.

Brother JX2517 VS LX3817

- This reliable user-friendly brothers sewing machine is ideal for everyday sewing and mending
- The SM1704 offers the features of a fully size machine yet is lightweight and portable
- Included are 17 unique stitches for blind, stretch, buttonholes and zipper insertion
- Brother LX3817 17-Stitch Full-size Sewing Machine.
- Start exploring the creative possibilities of sewing with this exceptionally easy to use, full size sewing machine.
- Select from 17 built-in sewing stitches, including a blind hem stitch, four-step auto-size buttonhole


At the end of the article, I conclude a comparison of the Brother sewing machines. A good and affordable price for the LX3817 Type, really helps beginner buyers. Because the budget required is not too big. In addition, this one machine is indeed fairly light, perfect if you take it traveling. Because both machines are designed to be portable. Make it easy for you to do simple basic tasks. All of the available features are capable of solving professional sewing jobs. Home decorating can be done by yourself without ordering from the store. You can’t go wrong buying between the Brother JX2517 vs LX3817. Make sure to buy a machine that best suits your needs.

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