Brother LS2125I vs. XL2600I

Are you confused in choosing your first sewing machine? Or, are you just uncertain about which model to replace your old sewing machine? In any circumstance, Brother LS2125I and Brother XL2600I are both great choices. These are very budget-friendly sewing machines that can get the job done well. Even though Brother XL2600I is pricier than Brother LS2125I, the price gap is very marginal. So, what are the differences between Brother LS2125I and Brother XL2600I? Which is the one best for you?

Brother LS2125I vs. XL2600I

Built-In Stitches
Despite the nearly similar prices, Brother LS2125I and Brother XL2600I are very different. Brother LS2125I is a very basic sewing machine. It comes with only 10 built-in stitches, including zigzag, stretch, and blind hem stitches. There is also an automatic four-step buttonhole. The available options are not so extensive, even perhaps somewhat limited, though they are indeed sufficient to finish most sewing jobs.

On the other hand, Brother XL2600I is designed for beginners as well, but it is not so basic. It comes with 25 built-in stitches, each with several stitch functions. Besides the basic stitches, it’s got a load of decorative choices, allowing for some variations in your works. In addition, it is armed with a one-step buttonhole, which is certainly far easier and faster to use than the four-step buttonhole.

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In terms of performance, Brother XL2600I once again has proven to be more superior compared to Brother LS2125I. The XL2600I turns out to have a faster sewing speed, up to 900 stitches/minute, than the LS2125I’s 800 stitches/minute.

Additional Features
These sewing machines are compatible with a multitude of fabric types, from silk to denim. They can also work with standard foot pedals. They each has an inbuilt light for some illumination if the environment over your work is too dark.

Furthermore, Brother LS2125I has an oscillating hook with a regular bobbin that sits in a bobbincase. The bobbin system may not be very practical, compared to the drop-in bobbin system, which is featured in Brother XL2600I. The top drop-in bobbin system allows for a quick and effortless rethreading. It also has thread guides, making threading much more easier.

- Full size, lightweight, portable sewing machine, great for alterations and everyday sewing
- 10 built-in stitches, including blind hem, zigzag and stretch stitches
- Automatic 4-step buttonhole feature allows you to create custom-sized buttonholes to fit your specific buttons
- Free arm or flat bed usage, carrying handle, built-in storage, 3 presser feet, and more
- Includes bilingual instruction manual, 25 year limited warranty, with free phone support for the life of the product. We do not recommend using this machine in countries that do not support 120V AC even if a voltage adapter is in use
- Free-arm sewing machine with 25 built-in stitches, each with multiple stitch functions; good for novices and everyday sewing projects
- Accessory storage built into free arm; includes 5 accessory presser feet and bilingual user's manual
- Features needle threader, thread cutter, drop-in bobbin loading, and auto bobbin winding; 1-step auto-size buttonholer
- 110-volt machine operates with foot pedal; light bulb for workspace illumination
- We do not recommend using this machine in countries that do not support 120V AC even if a voltage adapter is in use.

Brother LS2125I vs. XL2600I
Considering that the price gap is minimal, it is recommended that you choose Brother XL2600I. It comes with more stitches, a faster sewing speed, and a top drop-in bobbin system that is convenient and easy to use.

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