Brother ScanNCut SDX125 VS SDX125E

It is convenient to have a vinyl cutter at home because we can just insert the material and let the machine do the rest of the work. There are also plenty of cutting machines depending on which seems to match your preferences or tasks the most. If you often use a hardcopy as the base of the design, Brother ScanNCut SDX125 Vs SDX125E are two ideal options to consider so let’s see below about what exactly sets them apart from each other.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Do You Need a Cutting Machine
  • What are ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E
  • How are the Appearance of ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E
  • How are the Capacity of ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E
  • How are the Software of ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E
  • How are the Performance of ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E
  • What else ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E can offer
  • ScanNCut SDX125 Vs SDX125E

Cutting Machines

Crafting is fun but many of the tasks require much time as well as patience, especially when you choose a delicate material or a very detailed design. Thankfully, humans love convenience and we also prefer something that is easy to use and helpful. For those who often work with thin sheets of materials such as paper and fabric, getting a cutting machine will be a great idea. They are going to improve your pace and also experience while designing and making the cuts.

Of course they are not a must and you can just use scissors or crafting blades but it takes too much time. Sometimes we can mess up the design as well and this can be quite annoying. With a cutting machine, we can improve both the pace and creativity since you can focus more on the designing part or thinking about what to make next. They are not expensive either and you can choose from so many different brands in different price ranges.

We do think the advantage of using vinyl cutters is their convenience while minimizing errors and the waste of materials. They are far more accurate and faster too so if you are working on something professionally, we will have cleaner results. The way a cutting machine works is very much similar to a printer but they don’t print instead, they trace the design that has been fed into the software and cut your material based on it.

Some machines can both draw and cut using the proper attachment but this is usually not something that they can do simultaneously. A cutting machine is often called a vinyl cutter too and for the material types, they can vary based on how strong the machine is made or how sharp the blade is. The combination of sharp, robust, and heavy force will make the machine able to handle thicker or sturdier material but, in general the machine with this ability will be far more expensive.

 Brother ScanNCut SDX125SDX125E
Product Dimensions20.91 x 8.47 x 6.81 inches8.4 x 20.9 x 6.8 inches
Shipping Weight1 pounds1 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

For home use, which is what most of us are aiming for, a good machine that can work with varying types of papers and fabric should be good. They are mostly easy to get familiar with and the difficult part is usually the software that comes with the machine. Some machines can only be paired or working with certain software while some can be used with lots of different designing software. It can be a good factor to help you decide as well.

About ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E

If you want the type of convenience or working with lots of cutting almost on a daily basis, we do think investing in a cutting machine or vinyl cutter will be a wise decision. Depending on the options, their features and ability can be different so it is better to consider what you will want from the machine, especially what material and how you will use them. We can shop based on budget as well for more casual applications that don’t need specific features or abilities.

Just like with many other brands of crafting equipment, you will see various offerings in the market. Some of them are from Brother and we are sure most people are familiar with this company already. They seem to carry a wide range of electronics meant for crafters such as stitching, quilting, and embroidery machines. Their cutting machines are also some of the best especially if you are looking for features. They can be noticeably more expensive however so it is nice to consider whether you really need them or not.

What we love from Brother cutting machines is also their features such as what you can find on the Brother ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E. As expected, these machines are going to be very similar to each other but some people may wonder what sets the two apart because usually companies name their product differently based on the features or ability, or sometimes based on the inclusion as well. As for these two, it is the latter because the machine itself is the same.

No matter which variant you get, the ability is the same so both ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E are actually the same machine. They have the same features, blade, and the same ability to cut different types of material. What makes the two sold with different names is because SDX125E is coming with various activation cards that you can access from the software, meaning we are getting more useful designs as well with the purchase. 



ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E Design

Before getting into what these machines can offer, let’s first see the unit. They are the same machine so we will just describe them as one. As you can see, they are typical to most cutting machines with this printer-like shape. The housing is made of thick plastic and when unopened, they are also very compact, about 21 inches wide, 8.5 inches deep, and 6.8 inches tall. But, you will need to open the machine to feed the material thus, make sure to provide enough space.

Unlike many others however, both ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E come with a built-in software and built-in control panel which is also featured with a touch-sensitive screen. It is only 5 inches diagonally and not as responsive as our smartphones but should be enough for the designing on the go. They come with a stylus pen to navigate the menu and use the software. As for connectivity, they can be connected to computers via USB cable or connected to Wi-Fi for firmware upgrade. 

ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E Capacity

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E can offer starting from the capacity. It is necessary to consider how big you will want the machine to cut based on the typical material or design you are working on. Out of the box they will cut up to 12 x 12 inches but you can cut longer paper or design when using the rolling feeder. They will come with an auto blade as well which is versatile for various types of materials.

ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E Software 

The next part we want to talk about is their software and this is probably one of the most annoying parts of any cutting machine. For those who have used Cricut like in our ScanNCut SDX125E Vs Cricut Maker, Brother’s software seems to be not as user friendly. There is a free app called CanvasWorkspace that we can use for free or access on the web instead. However, they are a bit difficult to use and since the cutting machine can only be used with the software, it can be quite limiting too.

ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E Performance 

Next let’s see how the machine will cut your design and as it has been mentioned above, both ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E come with an auto blade and also a pen. There is only one clamp or place to put the blade so we can only install one at a time. The machine is very reliable and the auto blade doesn’t require any adjustment as well from the software. In general you can cut lots of materials with them including paper, vinyl, leather, and fabric.

In addition we can draw and emboss too so we do think they are perfect for people who often make cards or love decorating scrapbooks. They will work for material that is 3 mm or less based on the feeding slot. However, do mind the cutting force which is about 1.2kg so if you are working on a robust sheet of paper or anything, the blade may not be able to cut properly.

ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E Features

Lastly for the additional features, we want to mention that ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E can scan directly on the machine. This is helpful since we don’t always have to use the software and make everything just overall more convenient. What sets the two apart is because the SDX125E is also coming with some activation cards including SVG cutting files 1 pattern collection greeting cards activation card, SVG cutting files 1 pattern collection flowers and valentines activating cards, as well as SVG cutting files pattern collection birthday activation card. 

ScanNCut SDX125 Vs SDX125E

Both ScanNCut SDX125 and SDX125E are the same machines so if you are only aiming to get all of their features, any of the two that currently on sale or cheaper will be the best choice. They are capable of cutting lots of different materials with adequate cutting force. In addition, they can scan with built-in software on board. The SDX125E will come with some free design collections however so we start faster.

- CUTS UP TO 0.1 THICKNESS: The Brother Home Electronic Cutting Machine effortlessly cuts materials such as foam and felt with the Auto Blade; Material compatibility may vary; Always perform a trial/test cut to confirm a successful cut
- ON SCREEN EDITING: Editing designs is fast and easy; This ScanNCut machine comes with a 5 inches LCD touchscreen display
- FULLY DETAILED DESIGNS: With 682 built in designs, 100 quilt patterns, and 9 letter fonts, this Brother Cutting Machine produces detailed work
- WIRELESS NETWORK READY: Wirelessly connect your PC or mobile device to transfer cut data from the Brother Canvas Workspace application
- SCAN DRAWINGS AND MATERIALS: Brother ScanNCut is the only cutting machine series with a built-in scanner. Scan your drawing to convert it to a cut file, directly cut printed stickers, and precisely place designs without counting blocks
- STUNNING DIY PROJECTS: Craft with 682 built-in designs including 100 quilting patterns and 9 fonts. Add custom designs and additional free patterns with the USB port and wireless capability, and customize and combine your projects with the easy-to-use 5" touchscreen LCD display
- NO MATERIAL SELECTION REQUIRED The included ScanNCut DX auto blade and auto blade holder uses true automatic material sensor technology to detect the thickness of the material with no blade adjustment or material selection required. Always perform a trial/test cut to confirm a successful cut
- CUTS UP TO 3 millimeter (0.1 in) THICKNESS: The Brother Home Electronic Cutting Machine effortlessly cuts materials up to 3mm thick such as paper, vinyl, fabric, balsa wood, chipboard, foam and felt


The choice is all yours because in general the two are going to have the same abilities and since currently the SDX125 is much cheaper, we are going to recommend this machine while for the designs we can import it from other sources.  


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