Brother SE400 vs. LB6800

You are not alone if, right now, you are wondering whether Brother SE400 and Brother LB6800 are actually the same sewing machines or not. These two products come with very different names, yet they come with exactly the same looks and specifications. The difference between Brother SE400 vs LB6800 is actually not about the machines, but the included accessories. As you may have expected, Brother SE400 is the budget version that comes with just the basic accessories, whereas Brother LB6800 is a special Project Runway edition with a number of additional accessories.

Features and Capabilities
First, let’s see the features and capabilities of both Brother SE400 and Brother LB6800 to better understand about these computerized sewing machines. They are both completely computerized, and they both have sewing and embroidery functions. So, these are great choices if you are looking for a versatile model that can do various tasks without eating too much space. They are suitable for dedicated home users and hobby business.

Each of the two models features an embroidery hoop which measures 4” x 4”. Although this embroidery hoop is indeed small, it is just enough for the most popular embroidery works, such as monograms. Each model also possesses a backlit LCD screen with built-in tutorials and design editing functions, a nice automatic bobbin winding system, and an automatic thread cutter. There are 67 built-in stitches and 70 embroidery designs. So, these models are very versatile. (Read also : Brother SE400 vs. PE525)

Included Accessories
Brother SE400 comes with just the basic accessories in the box. These accessories include the embroidery loop, embroidery arms, and seven sewing feet. It has a buttonhole foot, button fitting foot, zipper foot, overcasting foot, blind stitch foot, embroidery foot, and monogramming foot.

Of course, Brother LB6800 comes with the same accessories as Brother SE400. You will not miss any thing. Brother LB6800 is actually sold in two different packages, which are the simple package and the Grand Slam Embroidery package.

The simple package already comes with the special Project Runway tote bag. This feature is very useful for people who often travel with their sewing machines. If you often go to a sewing class or community, you can consider choosing this model because the bag is indeed very handy. It is compact, stylish, and practical.

On the other hand, the Grand Slam Embroidery package offers a very big value for the money. It also features the same carrying case, but there are many other items as well. It comes with 61 embroidery thread spools, 144 pre-wound bobbins, a cap hoop, a stabilizer, compact scissors, 15,000 additional embroidery designs, and the Thread Converter Pro software for cross-referencing different threads from different companies.

- Computer connectivity for importing thousands of embroidery designs purchased from and other sites
- One-touch automatic thread cutter cuts your top and bobbin thread with ease
- Bilingual user manual, 25-year limited warranty, and free phone support for the life of the product
- Easy-to-view back-lit touch screen LCD display
- Built-in push button thread cutter Advanced needle threading system
- Easy-to-view, back lit, LCD display touch screen
- On-screen reference guide in 16 languages
- Fast automatic bobbin winding

So, should you choose Brother SE400 vs LB6800? If you don’t care about the carrying case and accessories, just pick the model that has the lowest price. The machines are identical. However, if you can benefit from the carrying case and the additional embroidery accessories, you should consider getting the LB6800. The Grand Slam Embroidery package is especially worth a look because of the exceptional value offered.

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