Brother SE400 vs. PE770

Most probably, you are now confused to choose between having a professional-quality device that is specifically aimed for embroidery and getting a combo machine that can do both sewing and embroidery. That is the case if you are torn between Brother PE770 and Brother SE400. Of course, the main functionality is embroidery, because if you prioritize sewing then Brother PE770 is not a viable option. Brother PE770 is an embroidery-only machine that boasts extensive specifications and features, while Brother SE400 is a sewing/embroidery combo machine. One thing to remember, BrotherPE770 is significantly more expensive than Brother SE400, and the difference can be around some hundred dollars. So, should you choose Brother PE770 or Brother SE400? Let us compare the two models!

Brother SE400 vs. PE770

First, as stated before, PE770 is an embroidery-only machine while SE400 is a sewing and embroidery machine. Thus, SE400 is very much more versatile. SE400 is awesome if you don’t have a sewing machine yet. At such a low price, you can get a tremendous value out of SE400 as it can perform as your sewing machine as well as your embroidery machine. But, if you already have a sewing machine, you PE770 becomes a viable option that focuses heavily on embroidery. (See also: Brother SE400 vs. Singer 9960)

Brother SE400 comes with 67 sewing stitches, 70 embroidery designs, and 5 lettering fonts. On the other hand, Brother PE770 has 136 embroidery designs and 6 lettering fonts. However, you can import more designs to these devices from your computer via a USB connection, so the numbers do not matter very much.

Now if we compare the performance, Brother PE770 proves its superiority over Brother SE400 as it has maximum embroidery speed of 650 stitches/minute. Brother SE400 is limited to 400 stitches/minute. As the difference is quite large, Brother PE770 serves as a more reliable embroidery machine.

Brother PE770 has a larger embroidery area than Brother SE400. The PE770’s is 5” x 7”, which is pretty wide and allows much easier work when handling large projects. The SE400’s is 4” x 4”, so you will need to do more rehooping when working on large projects. Also, Brother PE770 boasts two LEDs for lighting while Brother SE400 only has 1 LED.

- Sew, quilt, embroider. If you can imagine it, you can create it
- Easy-to-view back-lit touch screen LCD display accesses 67 unique sewing stitches and 70 built- in embroidery designs, with 5 lettering fonts.
- Computer connectivity for importing thousands of embroidery designs purchased from and other sites, and for updating your machine in the future
- One-touch automatic thread cutter cuts your top and bobbin thread with ease
- Bilingual user manual, 25-year limited warranty, and free phone support for the life of the product
- Expansive 5 inch x 7 inch field, and back lit LCD display screen
- Extensive design editing. Rotate, mirror-image, increase and decrease the size of your designs, and see how your edited design looks on the large, easy-view back lit LCD display before stitching
- Virtually unlimited design options, with built-in memory. Import designs from your USB memory stick with the USB port, or memory card designs with the built-in card slot
- 136 built-in embroidery designs and 6 lettering fonts
- Reliable, easy threading of both top thread and bobbin, and auto thread cutter, for consistent stitching and precision thread trimming

Brother SE400 vs. PE770
If you are concerned about value per cost, and you don’t have a sewing machine yet, you can choose Brother SE400. Being a sewing/embroidery machine, it is immensely versatile and makes the most value for your money. However, if you are focusing on embroidery only, you should choose Brother PE770 because it has much higher performance and provides a lot more convenience for the job.

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