Cricut Cuttlebug vs Sizzix Sidekick

This time, we are going to discuss the comparison between Cricut Cuttlebug vs Sizzix Sidekick and the differences between them. Both of them are designed for cutting and embossing a wide variety of materials. However, they do come with different features and capabilities. Depending on your needs, either Cricut Cuttlebug or Sizzix Sidekick will be more suitable for you.

Continue reading below to find out further about:
– What items that are included in each machine’s starting kit
– The size and weight of each model
– The distinctive features of Cricut Cuttlebug and Sizzix Sidekick
– What materials that you can cut with these portable machines
– The performance of Cricut Cuttlebug vs Sizzix Sidekick
– Which cutting and embossing machine that is generally better

Cricut Cuttlebug: What’s in the Box?
First of all, let’s take a look at the content of Cricut Cuttlebug box. It actually does not provide many items. The starting bundle is rather simple. See also: Silhouette Curio vs Cricut Explore.

The box of Cricut Cuttlebug includes:
– The Cricut Cuttlebug cutter and embosser machine
– An instruction booklet
– One 5” x 7” simple flower embossing folder
– One A plate for spacer
– Two B plates for cutting pads

You will need to place the two B plates on the sides of the die or embossing folder, in a way that is kind of a Cuttlebug sandwich. Meanwhile, the A plate needs to be placed on the base of the machine. It serves as a spacer between the machine and your die.

However, Cricut Cuttlebug does not come with any C plate. It is only necessary for third-party dies and embossing folders. As the effect, you will need to purchase it separately if you want to work on dies or embossing folders from a non-Cricut brand.

Cricut Cuttlebug: Design and Features
Cricut Cuttlebug literally has no learning curve. It is very simple and easy to use. More advanced machines may leave you confused for hours trying to get the grip of the complex software. Cricut Cuttlebug is very straightforward. This is also the reason why it can be a great choice for kids. Once you have compiled the die, material, and plates in a sandwich, all you need to do is feeding the sandwich through the machine to get the result!

The unit is aesthetically pleasing. The housing is colored in a light mint color and white. It looks beautiful and stylish.

Cricut Cuttlebug vs Sizzix Sidekick is very compact, lightweight, and portable. It has been shaped like a mini handbag or purse. It has a curved handlebar on the top for easy carrying. The left and right sides open to reveal the input and output trays. The build quality is great. Obviously, Cricut Cuttlebug is not intended for heavy-duty use. But it can easily withstand wear and tear under normal usage.

Just remember that you should never insert a material that is thicker than 1/8”. Anything thicker than that may jam the contraption and even break the handle and the internal parts. Most standard materials can be handled without any problem.

Over time, scratches will build up on the B plates. This is normal, but there is something that you can do to enhance their lifetime. You should alternate between the two sides of the plates so that the scratches won’t build up only on one side. Later, you will need to replace the plates when they have become too worn off.

This cutting and embossing machine does not require any electricity. It is entirely a mechanical unit. This is convenient. You can bring Cricut Cuttlebug to a class or pretty much wherever you want to go. The machine is operated via a handle. Cricut Cuttlebug is backed by a 1-year limited warranty which will cover any defect found in the materials or workmanship.

Cricut Cuttlebug: Performance
So, how is the performance of Cricut Cuttlebug vs Sizzix Sidekick? One notable difference between the two models is that Cricut Cuttlebug can work with a wider range of dies. But keep in mind that you need to get the C plate in order to use non-Cricut brands.

Cricut Cuttlebug is definitely powerful enough to take care of standard materials. It is a great choice for making cards and scrapbooks. Most people use it for cutting or embossing paper, cardstock, and other thin materials. In addition, this machine is known to be able to handle tissue paper, foam, foils, fabrics, felt, acetate, and chipboard.

The power is good, but it also somewhat depends on the user’s power as well. After inserting the sandwich, you will need to rotate the handle in order to make the sandwich run through the machine and get out from the other side. Most users won’t find any problem. Thin materials don’t need any real power to be cut or embossed. You will get more resistance when handling thicker, more durable materials.

This is also why Cricut Cuttlebug is not suitable for heavy-duty use. If you insert a material that is too hard or too thick, and you force the handle excessively, it may break apart.

Nevertheless, Cricut Cuttlebug has a decent cutting/embossing width. The maximum material width that you can insert is 6 inches. Most other models are limited to 5 inches or 5.8 inches. Meanwhile, the maximum material length is 7 inches. But, with the optional Cuttlebug Adapter C Mat, you can handle materials up to 13 inches long.

Sizzix Sidekick: What’s in the Box?
Now, let’s see the content of Sizzix Sidekick box. Compared to Cricut Cuttlebug, this model indeed comes with more items. You may find the included accessories very useful.

The box of Sizzix Sidekick includes:
– The Sizzix Sidekick cutter and embosser machine
– An instruction booklet
– A pair of Aqua Sidekick cutting pads
– An embossing pad
– 7 Stamps
– 2 Thinlits Dies
– 6 Framelits Dies
– 2 Small Textured Impressions Embossing Folders

As you can see, it includes most of the things that you need. The machine is ready out of the box. As a result, you will be able to start working immediately. There are several designs included, such as birthday, thank you, flower, and heart shapes. You can be as creative as you want by mixing and matching these designs for various projects.

According to the company, the Aqua Sidekick cutting pads are compatible not only with Cricut Cuttlebug vs Sizzix Sidekick but also with dies from other brands. Meanwhile, in order to emboss, you will need to use the embossing pad in combination with one Aqua Sidekick cutting pad.

Sizzix Sidekick: Design and Features
Sizzix Sidekick is also a compact, lightweight, and portable machine. It is quite small, much smaller than Cricut Cuttlebug, so it won’t require too much space on your desk or in storage. It is also light enough to allow you to lift it up without much effort. Unfortunately, unlike Cricut Cuttlebug, it does not have an integrated handlebar for easy carrying.

The housing is mostly colored in white. The bottom part of the machine and the rotating handle are colored in gray. Overall, it looks simple yet professional.

There is actually a special feature at the bottom of the Sizzix Sidekick machine. It has a special vacuum seal which you can set or release easily via a hand lever. This will allow you to place the machine on any surface, even if the platform is tilted at an angle. This will also ensure that the machine won’t get moved accidentally during use. It is a simple yet very useful feature.

However, Sizzix Sidekick is only designed for light-duty use. It should not be used for handling thick or very hard materials. It is operated mechanically via the rotating handle, so it does not require any electricity. The overall build quality is good. It is backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Sizzix Sidekick: Performance
If you are interested in Sizzix Sidekick, you should know that the maximum material width that it can handle is only 2.5 inches. This is really small. Although it is said to be able to work with many dies and embossing folders, you should keep in mind that it can only work with the smaller ones. Most of the time, you will only stick with the small dies and embossing folders provided with the product.

Sizzix Sidekick is powerful enough to handle common materials like paper, cardstock, foils, fabrics, and even leather. It can take thin chipboard as well. It is suitable for making cards, invitations, and scrapbook pages.

The overall performance is good. The results are consistent. It can cut and emboss designs with smooth edges. So, the only disadvantage of this machine is the limited cutting/embossing width.

Cricut Cuttlebug vs Sizzix Sidekick

- One 6x8 a plate and two 6x8 b plates included
- One 6x8 rubber embossing mat included. Features a collapsible handle and compact fold-n-store profile
- Cuts and embosses a variety of materials including tissue paper, foils, acetate ribbon, and thin leather
- Works with other leading embossing folders and cutting dies
- A portable, affordable and adorable crafting system
- Machine dimensions: 7 3/4x 4 3/4x 3 1/2
- Starter kit also includes 6 framelits dies, 2 thinlits dies, 2 small textured impressions embossing folders and 7 stamps to get you started crafting right out of the box
- Features a special vacuum seal that holds it securely in place onto any smooth work surface, which makes it perfect for crafting on the go

Between the two, Cricut Cuttlebug is more recommended. It allows larger material dimensions, so it is more versatile. It is suitable for cutting and embossing both smaller and larger designs. It is also portable and very easy to use. It can handle a wide range of materials. There is an integrated handlebar for easy carrying.

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