Cricut Explore Air vs. Silhouette Curio

DIY electronic cutting machines have become extremely popular in recent times, especially as the features on the devices have expanded to make them more useful than ever before. In a bid to help you find the right machine for you, here is a Cricut Explore Air vs. Silhouette Curio comparison that puts two of the biggest companies on the market head to head.

Cricut Explore Air vs. Silhouette Curio

With five options to choose from, the Silhouette Curio offers cutting, etching, stippling, sketching and embossing where the Cricut Explore Air specializes in cutting only. Despite being like a Swiss army knife of features, the Silhouette hardly compares to the Cricut when it comes to cutting quality. Able to cut through any fabric, tough vinyl, and even leather, the Air has reliable blades that are less likely to blunt than those on the Curio. The Silhouette Curio is notable, however, for being able to cut much larger pieces of material as it has a cutting width of up to 10 feet whereas the Air cannot exceed 24 inches.

Despite being unable to cut wirelessly like the Cricut, the Silhouette machine is able to fully function without a computer or internet; something which the Air is unable to do. The Silhouette Curio is also worth purchasing for its neat white design; something that makes it blend in seamlessly. Both machines tend to be available for around the same price so it is really down to you when it comes to deciding which features are most useful.

- Electronic cutting machine for DIY crafts and projects
- Built-in Bluetooth for wireless cutting with your PC, Mac, iPad or iPhone
- Design here, there, and everywhere with free cloud-based apps for PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone. Since it's cloud-based, so your projects are always synced across all your devices
- With Curio, you can now cut thicker material.
- It's all driven by powerful Silhouette Studio software and the Silhouette Design Store.
- The Curio is taking giant leaps forward with its new features; Along with the new stippling and etching functions, Silhouette is proud to introduce three types of embossing methods-Path Emboss, Score & Emboss, and Print & Emboss

Cricut Explore Air vs. Silhouette Curio
In the battle of the Cricut Explore Air vs. Silhouette Curio, it’s the Curio that comes out on top in terms of its range of features with multiple options to choose from, offline capabilities, and the ability to cut large pieces of material. However, if you’re looking for the best and most precise cut, then the Air is a better option despite its reliance on the internet.

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