Cricut Explore One vs. Cricut Explore Air

If you are looking for the best portable cutting machine for DIY crafts, Cricut has some options. In this article, we will discuss the comparison between Cricut Explore One vs Cricut Explore Air. They are basically different variants of a similar machine. They both are compact, yet they are powerful and reliable. So, what are the differences between the two?

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– Which Cricut Explore model that is more recommended for you

Design and Dimensions
In terms of design, Cricut Explore One vs Cricut Explore Air almost look like exact copies. The dimensions are identical. According to the manufacturer, Cricut Explore One and Cricut Explore Air both measure 151.59 mm (5.97 inches) tall, 563.30 mm (22.17 inches) wide, and 177.57 mm (6.99 inches) deep. They each weigh by about 9.5 kg (approximately 21 lbs). See also: Cricut Explore vs. Brother ScanNCut.

The only visual distinction that sets these two cutting machines apart is the color. Cricut Explore One has a gray panel and selection knob. On the other hand, Cricut Explore Air has a light blue panel and selection knob. The company does not provide other color options. Fortunately, both of them do look nice and stylish.

Cricut Explore One and Cricut Explore Air aren’t exactly the most compact and lightweight cutting machines in the market, but they are still quite portable. When the unit is closed, the rectangular form is easy to lift and carry around. An optional carry bag is available for a separate purchase. You should get it if you want to bring your cutting machine along when traveling.

Note that the unit requires some free space above it. This is because the cutting machine has two doors, one of which opens upwards. The other door opens to the front. You need to open both doors in order to operate the unit properly.

Most cutting machines rely on USB cables, but some of the latest models nowadays are already equipped with built-in Bluetooth. Using the wireless technology is definitely more convenient because it allows you to place your cutting machine wherever you want (but still close enough to the computer) without being restricted by a cable.

Cricut Explore One does not have built-in Bluetooth. It relies solely on the USB port. Without Bluetooth, you can only connect it to a computer. However, you can purchase an optional Bluetooth adapter which plugs to the USB port. The Bluetooth adapter allows you to connect it wirelessly to a computer or to an iPad or iPhone device.

Cricut Explore Air has built-in Bluetooth, so you don’t need to purchase any additional adapter to connect it wirelessly to your computer, iPad, or iPhone. This is definitely more convenient. There isn’t any dongle to get lost.

Both Cricut Explore One and Cricut Explore Air are compatible with the Cricut Design Space mobile app. It is available on the Apple’s App Store, and is compatible with iOS devices. However, you need Bluetooth to connect your Cricut cutting machine with your mobile device.

On this mobile app, you can start a project from scratch. The capabilities are more limited than the desktop app, but it is still handy and useful when you want to show your design to a client or simply want to make a simple project while waiting in a queue. You can also browse various images, fonts, and pre-designed projects in the Cricut Image Library. Additionally, you can upload photos and share projects to Facebook through the mobile app.

Cutting Features
The next distinctive features between Cricut Explore One vs Cricut Explore Air is the tool holder. It is the part of the machine that holds the blade or pen when working on your design. This is a very significant difference.

Cricut Explore One only has a single tool holder. In other words, it can only hold one tool at a time. So, if your project involves both drawing and cutting, the machine will do the tasks in two steps. You need to equip the pen first and draw, and then swap the pen with the blade to cut.

A big advantage of Cricut Explore Air is that it has a dual tool holder. It can hold two tools simultaneously to complete two tasks at once. You can cut and write, or cut and score, in one step.

Cutting Size and Compatible Materials
Cricut Explore One vs Cricut Explore Air have identical cutting dimensions. They use the same blades, and they have similar cutting power, so the compatible materials are also similar. They can cut various materials.

The maximum cutting size, according to the specifications, is 12” x 24”. However, if we measure the real results, the maximum cutting size is closer to 11.5” wide and 23.5” long. That’s pretty good. That’s one of the best cutting dimensions available on a compact machine. You can make small to medium sized designs.

You can import your own designs by using the Print Then Cut function on the app. However, this feature is only useful for cutting small designs. The maximum cutting size depends on the browser that you are using to open the app. Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer has a maximum size of 6” x 8.5”. Google Chrome only has a maximum size of 5.5” x 8”.

Both Cricut Explore One and Cricut Explore Air are powerful enough to cut a variety of materials. They can cut paper, vinyl, cardstock, iron-on, poster board, and fabric materials. Simply choose the current material on the Smart Set dial, and the unit will automatically adjust the settings to give the best results. You can also make a custom setting for a specific material.

Both Cricut Explore One and Cricut Explore Air have excellent performance. They have great accuracy and precision. They both can cut complex and intricate designs with good results. The difference between them is only the time required to complete a project.

Cricut Explore One may take much longer if the project involves multiple tasks, such as cutting, drawing, and scoring. This is because the unit performs these tasks one by one. Cricut Explore Air is much, much faster, thanks to the double tool holder. It can complete two tasks in one go, saving you a lot of time.

Cricut Explore One vs. Cricut Explore Air

Cricut Explore OneCricut Explore Air
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Between these two models, Cricut Explore Air is definitely more recommended. It has very useful features and works faster. It comes with built-in Bluetooth, so you don’t need any adapter to connect it wirelessly. You can connect it right away to your iPad or iPhone. It has a double tool holder, so it can complete two tasks simultaneously. The performance is great; it has great power, accuracy, and precision.

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