Cricut Explore One vs. Silhouette Cameo

It is not really a secret that Cricut and Silhouette are competing against each other in the cutting machine market. They seem to have direct competitors at every price point. In this article, we will discuss the comparison between Cricut Explore One vs Silhouette Cameo. Both are decent cutting machines, but their features and capabilities do differ.

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Size and Weight
First of all, let’s compare the size and weight of Cricut Explore One vs Silhouette Cameo. This is an important thing if you have a certain space limitation or if you need a portable model that is easy to bring along. And there is a significant weight difference between these two models. See also: Silhouette Cameo vs. Cameo 2.

Cricut Explore One is actually quite small and compact, as it measures only 22.17 inches wide, 6.99 inches deep, and 5.97 inches tall. However, you still need to have some more room to allow the lids to open. It has two lids; one opens upwards, the other opens frontwards.

Unfortunately, the unit is surprisingly heavy at 21 lbs. This is a significant weight that makes the unit impractical to bring along. If you need a lightweight and portable cutting machine, Cricut Explore One is not the best choice for you.

Silhouette Cameo, on the other hand, is a little wider and larger. It measures 22.5 inches wide, 8.5 inches deep, and 6 inches tall. Compared to Cricut Explore One, Silhouette Cameo requires more surface area to place. And, again, you need to allow some vertical room in order to open the lid.

Still, Silhouette Cameo is a viable option if you need a cutting machine that is easy to bring along. It is very light at just 8.93 lbs. Thanks to the lightweight design, you can easily take this cutting machine along when going to a class or travelling.

The next thing that you have to consider when choosing between Cricut Explore One vs Silhouette Cameo is the connectivity. They come with different options. Cricut Explore One is more of a traditional cutting machine that needs to be connected to your computer, whereas Silhouette Cameo is a flexible unit that can work without a computer.

Cricut Explore One only has a USB port. You can connect the unit to your computer by using a USB cable.However, you always need a working Internet connection in order to use the cutting machine.

Alternatively, you can purchase the optional Bluetooth adapter, which is meant to be plugged to the unit’s USB port. By using the adapter, you can connect the unit wirelessly to a Bluetooth-compatible computer. You can also connect the unit to an iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth.

The original Silhouette Cameo has a USB port, as usual, but it also has an SD card slot. The distinctive capability of Silhouette Cameo is that it can cut without being connected to a computer. Silhouette Cameo has a display screen and on-board buttons to do this. You can connect a USB flash drive or SD card to the cutting machine in order to load and cut designs directly. This is very convenient.

Silhouette Cameo can’t connect directly to a mobile device. Instead, it needs to be connected to a computer, and then you can set up a wireless connection between the computer and your mobile device using Silhouette Link software. This is not straightforward, but still a feasible solution for mobile users.

As explained above, by using the optional Bluetooth adapter, you can connect Cricut Explore One to an iPad or iPhone. This is convenient because you can work on your designs on the Cricut Design Space mobile app. Cricut Explore One also allows you to upload your own designs and fonts.

Cricut Explore One has the Smart Set dial, which is very practical. With the Smart Set dial, you don’t need to make manual adjustments for the cutting power and depth. You only need to select a preset for the currently handled material, and the unit will automatically adjust the settings. There are presets for paper, vinyl, iron-on, light cardstock, cardstock, fabric, and poster board. In addition, you can make a custom preset for a special material.

Silhouette Cameo can also work with a mobile device, but the setup is not as straightforward, as you need to link your computer with the mobile device. However, the mobile apps are available for Android and iOS devices. In addition, you can also cut custom designs using the Print And Cut function.

Unfortunately, the original Silhouette Cameo is without the AutoBlade feature, which can make automatic adjustments to suit different materials. With the original Silhouette Cameo, you need to make adjustments manually. As a note, the updated Silhouette Cameo 3 does have the AutoBlade feature.

Maximum Cutting Size
Cricut Explore One has an excellent maximum cutting size. It can cut a maximum size of 12” x 24”. However, note that the actual size is closer to 11.5” x 23.5”. Still, it is one of the best cutting sizes available on a desktop model.

Silhouette Cameo is awesome for cutting large-sized designs. This particular model is able to cut a design of up to 12 inches wide, 10 feet long.Yes, it is much larger than that of Cricut Explore One. You should choose Silhouette Cameo if you often cut large-sized designs on long paper sheets or vinyl rolls.

Power and Performance
If you need to cut a variety of materials, including some solid materials such as aluminum and copper sheets, Cricut Explore One is a better choice. In terms of cutting power, Cricut Explore One is better. The motor is powerful, and the blade is tough and durable enough to handle such materials. It can also handle leather and foam well.

On the other hand, the original Silhouette Cameo is only suitable for light materials, such as paper, vinyl, and cardstock. While the blade is indeed sharp, the motor is not powerful enough to handle heavier materials. It can’t cut leather and metallic sheets. Nevertheless, as a note, the cutting power has been improved in Silhouette Cameo 2 and Silhouette Cameo 3.

Cricut Explore One vs. Silhouette Cameo

Cricut Explore OneSilhouette Cameo
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In general, Silhouette Cameo is better. This model has better connectivity and features. It can work without a computer, as you can load designs directly from a memory card or USB flash drive. The cutting size is much larger; it can handle long paper sheets and vinyl rolls. However, if you need to cut thick materials like leather, aluminum, or copper, Cricut Explore One is the way to go.

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