Janome 8002D vs. Brother 1034D

A serger is a sewing machine designed in a way that it professionally finishes the hems and edges of all types of fabrics. Two of the best serger machines in the market are The Brother 1034D Serger and The Janome 8002D Serger. The Brother 1034D is recommended for beginners and is available at an affordable price. The Janome 8002D is ideal for anyone looking for a machine with thread overlock stitching capabilities. Below is a Janome 8002D vs. Brother 1034D comparison.

Janome 8002D vs Brother 1034D

The Brother 1034D is the perfect machine for different types of products and fabrics. The main highlight of this serging machine is a lay-in thread system equipped with lower loop threader. In a single step, the user can sew, trim and finish a seam accurately and quickly. The appliance contains several stitching options such as the rolled hem, the narrow hem, the three & four thread overlock, and the ribbon lock. With it, it is possible to thread easily as it is equipped with tension release. Anyone who uses the Brother 1034D will definitely enjoy the 22 built-in stitch functions and overall fast threading system it provides.

On its part, the Janome 8002D sewing machine offers the user a high-end performance as it has a top speed of 1300 spins per second. It is equipped with a lay-in thread tension dial that enables someone to stitch different types of fabric conveniently. The appliance also has a differential feed ratio of between 0.5 and 2.25 that facilitates an improved quality of stitches. For convenient threading, the Janome 8002D comes with color coded thread guides.

- Differential Feed
- Easy Rolled Hem Changeover
- Easy to Read Threading Chart
- 3, and 4 thread convertible
- Adjustable cutting width from 3.1mm - 7.3mm
- Reliable
- 22 built-in stitch functions with 4-thread overlock, 3-thread overlock, narrow, rolled hem, and ribbon lock stitches
- Differential fabric feed
- Easy to thread
- Comes complete with 2 snap-on feet, foot controller, soft cover, needles and more

Janome 8002D vs. Brother 1034D
After a careful Janome 8002D vs. Brother 1034D comparison, the Janome emerges on top. There may be no such thing as a plug-and-play machine. However, the Janome 8002D comes close to it. In addition, it comes with a how-to-use DVD. All the user has to do is watch the video, practice with a few pieces of fabric and they are good to go.

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