REX 607Z Review: Affordable, Heavy Duty Walking Foot Sewing Machine

There are various sewing machine available in the market and even though they offer similar capabilities, they are also better for certain tasks or jobs because of some special features built-in the machine. One of the most popular sewing machine in the market now is REX 607Z which is a walking foot sewing machine. This type of machine is very well suited any work that involve prone to slipping or puckering materials. If you are looking for a machine that can do the job properly, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Walking Foot Sewing Machine
– What is REX 607Z
– What REX 607Z Look Like
– What REX 607Z can offer to you
– Is REX 607Z suitable for you

About Walking Foot Sewing Machine
Each sewer may need different machine depend on what they want to do and what kind of material they are dealing with. Most people are choosing between mechanical, electronic and computerized sewing machine or even serger which is used to do the sew of one or two pieces of cloth, seaming or hemming. For those who would like to make and play with many designs, computerized seems to be the best choice for the large amount of stitch options and automation. Read also: Singer 4432 vs. 4452 here.

At the other hand, those who will deal with harder material or those material that are prone to slipping or puckering, you will need a walking foot sewing machine because this straight/zigzag stitch machine is especially designed to even the feed in the materials including the top and bottom pieces. As you may already know, the foot of sewing machine are those flat piece surrounding the needle consisting of two pieces which move separately from one another to give you an even feeding.

Most domestic use or home use sewing machine can use the walking foot via accessories but the real walking foot sewing machine is on industrial level. Even though they serve the same purpose, the capability of real walking foot machine is different from home standard machines because their attachment is said to not able to duplicate the motion in the real ones and it also won’t convert your home used machine into the industrial standard. To put it simply, those attachments can’t perform as good as the real machine.

This is why it is important to choose the real machine especially if you are going to use it for producing products commercially because you can’t afford to waste time dealing with heavy materials in home standard machines. Another plus side by using these types of machines is it will usually eliminates the need to pin your material together, so you can leave the painstaking process away. They also perform well when dealing with material with different thickness without getting stuck.

About REX 607Z
Among those many dependable brand out there, REX’s name seems to be not that familiar for many people which is kind of weird because the brand has been exist since long time ago and always produce industrial sewing machines with excellent quality such as REX 607Z which is very identical with another popular machine Sailrite LSZ but is more affordable. This machine is designed to handle heavy materials such as vinyl, leather, and even outdoor canvas, so if you are using those material, it is good to also pick the right machine.

REX 607Z Design
For a heavy duty machines, the most common issue is the portability since they tend to be very heavy to provide a good balance when dealing with also harder materials but somehow, this is not an issue in this machine because it is light enough to be a home-used machine as well. Just like what you can see, there is nothing interesting happening on the outside or any fancy options. To make it durable enough, the cased is made from all-metal frame, so you can be sure it won’t give up when doing heavyweight materials.

What you need to keep in mind when purchasing REX 607Z is you can’t use it instantly because this machine need oil everywhere according to its manual. You will also need to run it for a couple of minutes to break it in and then you can start sewing. The machine don’t have base or case, so you will probably need to make it on your own or purchase a ready to use one from the company. See the video review on YouTube.

REX 607Z Features
REX 607Z is coming with 110-volt motor and a skip stitch technology which is claimed to be able to sew up to 1.200 stitches per minute, so now you can finish any of your project quickly. A powerful and fast machine is sure beneficial; aside from speeding your pace, now you can also use the time to do another thing or other jobs that needs to be done. It has a maximum stitch length if 6 mm, needle bar stroke of 30 mm and you can even adjust the stitching based on your preference.

With the aforementioned power and speed, REX 607Z is claimed to be powerful enough to handle 4 layers of soft leather, canvas, vinyl or even upholstery fabrics. It is supposed to work well on jobs like leather bags, footwear, banners, awnings, backpack, and curtains. As it has been mentioned earlier, this machine is very straightforward with no additional features beside stitching zigzag and straight and when tested, it live to the words and works just as what it said.

One issue about the machine is the hand wheel which can be too small for many people’s liking and make it hard to go over multiple layers unlike those with larger wheels. If you are having an issue with the tension being too tight even though you already use the lowest setting, try not going through all of the loops at the beginning of threading cycle to make it less tight. Coming in the package, you will accessories like bobbins, thread stand for cone thread, set of needles, foot pedal, thread stand, and of course the manual.

- Designed for boat owners, serious hobbyists, and small businesses - Economical portable walking-foot sewing machine - Strong mechanical old time quality sewing machine with Built in 110/115V, 1/10HP 900 RPM motor

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. Just like any other things, you need to consider the purpose before purchasing something. In our opinion, if you are often dealing with heavyweight material that needs zigzag or straight stitch, we will highly recommend you REX 607Z because it is designed to deal with the job, so you can depend on it.

REX 607Z Review: Specification
– Walking foot sewing machine
– 110 volt, 1200 stitches per minute
– Zigzag and Straight
– Stitch length: 6mm

REX 607Z Review: Pros
– Heavy duty
– Affordable
– Dependable

REX 607Z Review: Cons
– Small hand wheel
– Not ready to use

REX 607Z Review : Price
Check the best REX 607Z price here.

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