Silhouette Curio vs Cricut Explore

Silhouette and Cricut are two of the most well-known manufacturers of cutting machines. Their products are trusted and loved by many crafters and hobbyists. In this article, we will see the comparison between Silhouette Curio vs Cricut Explore. These models have very different capabilities, so make sure that you choose the one that suits your purpose.

What we will discuss in this article:
– The size, weight, and portability of each model
– The connectivity options available on each model
– The features and capabilities of Silhouette Curio vs Cricut Explore
– The maximum cutting size of each cutting machine
– The materials that can be handled and cut properly by each unit
– Which model that is more recommended for the money

Design and Dimensions
Let’s start by comparing the designs and dimensions of these two models. Silhouette Curio is dramatically more compact and lightweight, with a nice and sturdy housing. Meanwhile, Cricut Explore may look more attractive with the simple yet modern appearance. See also: Cricut Explore One vs. Cricut Explore Air.

Silhouette Curio is very compact and lightweight. It measures only 17.25 inches wide, 6.75 inches depth, and 5.25 inches tall. It is surprisingly lightweight at just 5.5 lbs. As a result, it is highly portable. This is a good choice if you need a cutting machine that is easy to bring along.

When placing the unit, keep in mind that you need some space to allow the lids to open.Silhouette Curio has two lids, one to the front and the other opens upwards. The recommended clearance is 13.5 inches deep and 9.5 inches tall. With the boxy shape, Silhouette Curio looks sturdy and even professional. However, it is not quite an eye-candy, as the strict lines and plain white color may look boring to see.

Cricut Explore is much larger. It measures 22.17 inches wide, 6.99 inches deep, and 5.97 inches tall. The weight is approximately 21 lbs. Yes, Cricut Explore is much heavier than Silhouette Curio. This is why it is not really portable. It may be inconvenient to bring along due to the heavy weight.

Similarly, Cricut Explore has two lids that open upwards and frontwards. Due to the larger size, the placement requires more free space. Make sure that your desk has enough room for the unit. Nevertheless, many people will find that Cricut Explore looks more attractive. This is because of the subtle body curves and rounded edges. In addition, it has a combination of blue and white, so the appearance doesn’t look to plain.

There are some distinctive differences between Silhouette Curio vs Cricut Explore in terms of connectivity. They do come with different connectivity options. In addition, the compatible devices that can work with these cutting machines are also different.

Each of the two models has a USB port. This is mostly used for connecting the unit to a desktop computer or laptop. When connected using USB, both Silhouette Curio and Cricut Explore can work with Windows and macOS platforms.Note that Silhouette Curio’s software can work without an Internet access, whereas Cricut Explore’s software requires a working Internet connection all the time.

However, Silhouette Curio does not have Bluetooth. So, this model can’t connect wirelessly to your computer. Also, this cutting machine can’t connect directly to a mobile device. But it is possible for you to set up a wireless link between your computer and mobile device by using the Silhouette Link software, so that you can work on your mobile device and send the design to the computer to be cut.

On the other hand, Cricut Explore comes with built-in Bluetooth. You can use the Bluetooth to connect the unit wirelessly to your computer. In addition, it is also possible to connect the unit directly to your iPad or iPhone via Bluetooth. You can work on the Cricut Design Space mobile app and then send the design to the unit to be cut.

Features and Capabilities
Both models here have dual carriages. With a dual carriage, you can perform two tasks simultaneously in one run. In other words, you can draw and cut on a sheet at the same time. This is very efficient and convenient. You can save a lot of time with this feature.

However, Silhouette Curio is much more versatile. It is able to perform various things that can’t be done by a traditional cutting machine. In addition to the cutting and drawing capabilities, it is also able to emboss, etch, score, and stipple. Hence, you can be more creative with your arts. You can make stylish greeting cards and beautiful plaques with these capabilities. Cricut Explore, on the other hand, is strictly only for cutting and drawing.

Silhouette Curio has the PixScan mat and mobile app, whereas Cricut Explore works with the SnapMat and Cricut Design Space mobile app. These features are similar. They allow you to snap a picture of a printed or hand-drawn material, then add cutting lines on the image. These features are very handy and useful.

Maximum Cutting Size
When choosing between Silhouette Curio vs Cricut Explore, don’t forget to consider the maximum cutting size. Silhouette Curio is only suitable for handling small-sized designs. Without the optional large tray, the maximum cutting size is only 8.5 x 6 inches. With the optional large tray, the maximum cutting size is 8.5 x 12 inches. It is indeed limited.

On the other hand, Cricut Explore is great for cutting medium to large designs. The maximum cutting size is much bigger. It is 12 x 24 inches. This is one of the best cutting sizes available on desktop cutting machines.

Suitable Materials
Both Silhouette Curio and Cricut Explore are powerful machines. They both are able to cut through various materials. Silhouette Curio, in particular, has been designed to handle thick and solid materials. Meanwhile, Cricut Explore is equipped with a powerful motor and blade that allow it to perform well for practically any purpose.

They both can effortlessly cut the most common materials, such as paper, vinyl, and cardstock. In addition, they both can cut foam, leather, cork, magnet sheets, chipboard, and aluminum. Silhouette Curio is able to emboss, etch, and stipple on such materials.

Silhouette Curio vs. Cricut Explore

Silhouette CurioCricut Explore
Key Features- The Curio is taking giant leaps forward with its new features; Along with the new stippling and etching functions, Silhouette is proud to introduce three types of embossing methods-Path Emboss, Score & Emboss, and Print & Emboss- Embedded Bluetooth for wireless cutting - Dual carriage for cutting and writing or cutting and scoring in one step - Upload your own images for free (.svg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .dxf) Cut over 60 materials from vellum to leather

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In general, Silhouette Curio is more recommended. It is much more versatile. It can cut, draw, emboss, etch, score, and stipple various materials. In addition, it is compact and very portable. However, if you only need to cut and draw, and you really need a larger cutting size, Cricut Explore can be your choice.

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