Singer 2259 vs. Brother JX 2517

Maybe you are on this page is someone that is looking for a special sewing machine for beginners. Novice means new learning to sew without knowing the basic techniques in sewing as well as features on a sewing machine. Because the sewing machine is an important intermediary at the time want to learn, you have to find a very machine according to your needs and don’t get you wrong. Singer 2259 vs. Brother 2517 JX, sometimes appears in the form of a comparison because they have the same goal when producing sewing machines, that is made specifically for the beginner or not. By making this review: Singer 2259 vs. Brother 2517 JX, we hope it can help you a bit of confusion that is being searched or vote.

singer 2259 vs brother jx 2517

Singer 2259
The Singer 2259 sewing machine is produced for light to medium fabric work. This machine is good for daily use, but it will not handle thick fabrics or denim easily. So far, Singer 2259 is best suited for those who need a mechanical sewing machine especially for occasional mending, clothes-making, and home decorating projects without need a lot of decorative stitches but it still be working with some jersey, knits and other stretch materials or other materials you want. This machine also can do light quilting. It seems like a nice and basic sewing machine with a narrow focus. Just in case, if your needs is for fitting this description than this model is worth consideration for your next sewing machine. Actually in one package of sewing machine, you will get an extra high presser foot lifter, four segment positions, free arm & accessory storage, automatic tension, reverse button, horizontal thread delivery, and front loading bobbin.

Brother JX 2517
The Brother JX2517 is a lightweight and affordable sewing machine for you. You can find it at some online retailers for under $90.00 with its weighs about 12 lbs. It is also known as the machine for beginners proven by some good reviews from other customers. This is a straightforward with an easy-to-use machine and only 17 stitches inside. It does not have the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive sewing machines on the market, but for the money most consumers will absolutely give it high grades. The sewing machine has 12 lbs of weight which is quite light and become one of the reasons why it is popular with folks who like to take their machine to classes or just want a unit that is in form of an easily portable. It also includes an instructional DVD that most feel is quite useful, an owner’s manual in both Spanish and English language, some accessories are stored in the built-in accessory drawer and include 4 presser feet like zipper foot, zigzag foot, button fitting foot, and last buttonhole foot. In addition, the box of this sewing machine will contain a screwdriver, a needle set, several bobbins, a darning plate, a power cord, a manual, and a foot controller.

- Adjustable stitch length and zigzag width allow you to customize stitches
- 19 built-in stitches with 1 fully automatic 4-step buttonhole provide endless project possibilities
- Four snap-on presser feet expand your creative sewing possibilities
- Easy stitch selection makes choosing your stitches a breeze. 110 volt machine designed for United States and Canadian use only
- 17 Built-in Stitches, Including an Automatic 4-step Buttonholer. 38 Stitch Functions, Brightly Lit LED Work Area. Free Arm for Sewing Cuffs and Sleeves
- Easy Automatic Bobbin Winding System. Easy-to-use Blind Hem Stitch
- Included Accessory Feet - Buttonhole foot, Button Sewing foot, Zipper foot, Zigzag foot
- Drop Feed/Free Motion. Free Arm, Built In Accessory Storage. 25 year limited warranty. Dimensions _ã_ 12 x 5.86 x 15.31 inches, Weight 12 lbs

Singer 2259 vs. Brother JX 2517
Singer 2263 is very suitable if you want to begin your first experience in sewing something, because this is a kind of very basic sewing machine. While Brother JX2517 is just like the other sewing machine, we mean that this is usual sewing machine with some good performances and features, but without special characteristics except for the pretty design.

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