Singer 44S vs. 4411

Sewing Machine products that quite popular on the market is Singer. In this article, we are as writer want to give you the comparison of two Singer products, but this time, the contenders seem to be very identical to each other. Let us welcome you the Singer 44s and the Singer 4411. We know that the models are designed to be budget heavy duty sewing machines. Does Singer 44S is better than Singer 4411 or vice versa?

Singer 44S vs. 4411

Singer 44S
Singer 44S has 23 built-in stitches including 6 Basic Stitches, 4 Stretch Stitches, 12 Decorative Stitches and 1-step Buttonhole. How about the machine? with some sophisticated equipment like an automatic needle threader for saving eye strain and a stop drop-in bobbin with clear cover to monitor thread supply, or an adjustable presser foor pressure that you can override it especially when you are working on multiple layers. It is surrounded by heavy duty metal frame, stainless steel bed plate, a very strong motor machine. It is capable of delivering around 1100 stitches/min. Stitches are selected by turning the dial to provide for stitch length adjustments. And there are 3 needle positions existed on the machine that make sewing cuffs and collars is easy. Last, you will thank to the free arm mode to give you free motion quilting by using the drop feed option.

Singer 4411
Are you looking for a mid-range sewing machine without breaking the bank? The Singer 4411 is suitable for the next you heavy duty sewing machine. It has high speed and guarantee to help you finish your sewing project as soon as you can. It is also easy using that the particular model can be operated by novice users. The features like navigation often used by budding sewers in sewing classes and the metal interior frame, powerfull motor, and steel bed plate that are surrounded to this machine. By using this machine, you can get among 1000 stitches in just one minute and also use it for any fabric in sewing world. As far as cons are concerned, this piece of equipment does have a few drawbacks to its name. For example, a few customers complained about the exceptionally loud motor noise which made it difficult for them to use the apparatus at night or even focus on their sewing.

- Automatic Needle Threader - After following the threading the instructions printed right on machine, this feature automatically threads the eye of the needle without eye strain or frustration
- 23 Built-in Stitches - 6 Basic, 4 Stretch, 12 Decorative, 1 Buttonhole—perfect for crafts, home décor, fashion sewing and much more!
- 1,100 Stitches per Minute - Sews faster than a standard sewing machine
- Fully Automatic 1-Step Buttonhole - Create beautiful buttonholes in a simple 1-step process
- 6mm Stitch Width - Decorative and satin stitches can be set to 6mm wide—making a bolder and more pronounced look
- Extra-High Sewing Speed of 1,100 stitches per minute gives you professional speed for faster results
- 11 Built-In Stitches - essential, stretch, decorative, 1 automatic 4-step buttonhole
- Stainless Steel Bed Plate provides smooth fabric feed for even sewing
- Easy-to-Load Top Drop-In Bobbin System with Clear Cover
- Heavy Duty Interior Metal Frame ensures that the machine remains still for skip-free sewing

Singer 44S vs. 4411
There is clearly no difference in features between Singer 44S and 4411, except for the machine color. Singer 4411 comes in grey color, whereas 44S comes in a more attractive white color and the difference ends there. Another small difference is the measurement markings that comes on 44S, which is absent on 4411. Other than the color and markings, both machines are essentially the same. So if you are looking for extra features on 44S, you will be a bit disappointed.

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