Singer 7258 vs. Brother CS6000I

If you are looking for a powerful and reliable sewing machine under two hundred dollars, look no more! We have Singer 7258 and Brother CS6000I, two products that stand proudly on the market as best-selling models. They are both extremely popular and loved by many users because they offer such high performance and excellent versatility. Nevertheless, you should be aware that they have different characteristics. They come with different features. So, before you make a hasty decision, be sure to read their comparisons thoroughly here!

Singer 7258 vs. Brother CS6000I

Built-In Stitches
Both models certainly cover the basic stitches, but they come with different decorative stitches. Singer 7258 is given a total of 100 built-in stitches and six one-step buttonhole styles. Meanwhile, Brother CS6000I has 60 built-in stitches and seven one-step buttonholes. Even though you will not use most of the extras too often anyway, having some variation and backup is handy for your creative works. Take a look: Brother HC1850 vs. Brother CS6000I.

Now the stage belongs to Brother CS6000I. The model has a higher sewing speed than Singer 7258. The difference is quite apparent, as it sews at 850 sitches/minute while Singer 7258 ‘only’ has a maximum speed of 750 stitches/minute. If you handle a lot of sewing jobs regularly, then Brother CS6000I can help you accomplish things faster. In terms of output quality, they are largely equal. They deliver consistently excellent stitch quality.

Singer 7258 is enriched with more features than Brother CS6000I, making it quite handier and easier to control. Both models have top drop-in bobbin, automatic needle threader, LED work light, start/stop button, and LCD screen. However, Singer 7258 brings some more features that Brother CS6000I does not have. It has a needle up/down control so that you can have a firmer grip over the stitch. This is a crucial thing for quilters. It also comes with automatic presser foot pressure and extra high presser foot lifter. Thus, Singer 7258 brings a lot of controllability for the user.

Additionally, Singer 7258 also comes with more internal heavy-duty metal frame, making it considerably heavier than Brother CS6000I. With some extra weight, Singer 7258 provides more stability when working, as it doesn’t vibrate and tremble as much. On the other hand, Brother CS6000I is lighter, making the model more portable.

- 100 Stitch Sewing Machine with 10 Presser Feet Perfect For Crafting, Sewing and Quilting
- Easy Threading System with Automatic Needle Threader
- LED Display Screen with Automatic Stitch Length and Width
- Easy-to-Load Top Drop-In Bobbin System with Clear Cover
- Electronic Auto Pilot allows you to sew without the foot pedal and easily adjust maximum speed; 110 volt machine designed for United States and Canadian use only
- Versatile, value-packed, perfect for a wide range of sewing and quilting projects, accessories are stored inside a compartment on the arm of the sewing machine
- Select stitches and adjust stitch length and stitch width via settings seen on the LCD display
- Stop/start button allows use without included foot control. Variable speed control for easily adjusting your sewing speed
- Jam-resistant Quick-set top drop-in bobbin makes setting and accessing your bobbin thread a breeze.
- Bilingual user manual, 25-year limited warranty, and free phone support for the life of the product.

Singer 7258 vs. Brother CS6000I
Brother CS6000I can be a viable choice if you are seeking high speed and portability. Those are the strong points of the model. But, in general, Singer 7258 offers a lot more versatility and convenience of usage. It can give you more precise control over your job. Thus, Singer 7258 is the best way for most people!

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