Singer 8280 vs. 1507

If there is an affordable way to start learning how to sew and stitch, it would be with either Singer 8280 or Singer 1507. Both of these two products are cheap and affordable sewing machines with nice performance and quality. For a beginner, these are great choices. They just have a handful of basic features so that you can learn just the basics before moving on to the more advanced stuff. Singer 8280 and Singer 1507 are available around similar prices. So, what is the difference between them? Which sewing machine should you choose?

Singer 8280 vs. 1507

Both Singer 8280 and Singer 1507 are popular entry-level models on the market. They are about the same size, and they also weigh similarly. They are compact and quite lightweight. The thing is, both Singer 8280 and Singer 1507 come with heavy-duty metal frames that provide superior stability when working. Even so, they are not too heavy either that you can still bring them easily to classes. If you look closely, you may notice that Singer 8280 has two dial knobs on the side panel, one is for stitch selection and another is for stitch length. Apparently, Singer 1507 only has one dial knob which is for the stitch selection. But, in fact, the stitch length adjustment can be found on the top. These two models have the same functions and features; they only differ in the layouts.

Both models offer quick and easy threading. The needle bar of each machine automatically disengages when winding the bobbin to ensure safety. The needle tension is adjustable, too, guaranteeing stable stitch quality on any kind of fabric. One interesting feature is the variable needle positions, a feature that is usually found on pricier models. With it, you can change the needle position for individual projects, from inserting zips, cording, to topstitching. With the free arm, four-segment feed dog system, and extra-high presser foot lift, both Singer 8280 and Singer 1507 can take care of various kinds of fabric and tasks. You can insert multiple layers of bulky fabric, and the feed dog will ensure that they are picked up and supported from the front to the rear. The adjustable stitch length is very handy; you can keep the seams strong and prevent bunching with the feature. Each model has 8 built-in stitches, including an automatic four-step buttonhole for professional-looking results.

- Quick and Easy Threading
- Heavy Duty Metal Frame, Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure
- Quick-and-easy threading saves time
- Adjustable stitch length and zigzag width allow you to customize stitches

Singer 8280 vs. 1507
Singer 8280 and Singer 1507 are two very similar machines. They have the same functions and features. They only have different layouts. So, you are free to choose between the two according to your personal liking; or, you can simply take the cheaper model for the fullest out of the bucks!

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