Singer 9100 Review: Lots of Built-in Stitches and Automation with Reverse Function

Sewing is not an easy task to do and the process starting from learning until you can master and made various things will definitely takes time. To ease this process, sewing machine is introduced in 1755. Singer as one of the oldest brand of sewing machine offer both the manual and what we called computerized machines such as Singer 9100. It has the basic function just like regular machine but also richer. If you wondered what this unit can offer to you, go check our article below.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:
– What is Computerized Sewing Machine
– What is Singer 9100
– What Singer 9100 Look Like
– What Singer 9100 can offer to you
– Is Singer 9100 suitable for you

Computerized Sewing Machine
Sewing machine is a very useful invention and really help a lot to our modern living. Some people may not know that they are available in various types such as mechanic, electronic, computerized, embroidery machine, and overlock or serger machine. The first three are very similar to each other and have the same function but the last two are made to do specific project and even though you can do them with regular machine, having more than one is good to help you perform faster.

The most advanced sewing machine between them is computerized sewing machine which is of course also more expensive than its other siblings. This is also why it is not an ideal machine to have for casual sewer since you need to spend a great deal amount of money to purchase them. However, just like with many things, the price you pay is mirrored into the unit and you can see why when looking at what comes inside these machines.

About Singer 9100
Among those many sewing machine brand in the market, you must have ever heard about Singer because this is what comes into mind when we mentioned sewing machine to a lot of people even those who don’t do the work. As a big and trusted brand, they already making sewing machines since 1851 and even today, they are still providing one of the best product for the category as well as more modern item like computerized sewing machine.

This machine is perfect for those who love sewing and already have a base on how to operate sewing machine as well as those with limited budget because even though Singer 9100 is computerized, it is still affordable for the features it offers are not too advanced like what you find in similar machines twice its price. Just like what you can expect from more modern machine, you can get a set of useful features, a whopping set of stitches, as well as useful automation to even more adding its convenience.

Singer 9100 Design
When you first looking at Singer 9100, you must notice the LCD screen first because this is where you are going to see the options of stitches available. Below the screen, you can find its many buttons and this is what you will need to operate the screen; they are in numbers representing the stitches number built-in the machine. The amount of buttons may be too many for some but they are essential to operate and when you already know what each of them are used for, we are sure your work will be less a hassle.

Overall, this machine is made to be straightforward and without no cosmetic to make it look pretty or such. It is coming in white color made from durable material to make sure your machine will last for years to come. It is not too small or big measuring about 18.3 x 14.3 x 10.8 inches and weighing around 18.9 lbs., so even when not in use, you an easily store them. To make sure you are getting a quality product, the company will provide 25-year warranty along with your purchase.

Singer 9100 Features
Just as it has been mentioned earlier, computerized sewing machines like Singer 9100 are often come with a huge amount of built-in stitches and in this unit itself, you will get 404 stitches including 9 1-step buttonhole and 2 alphanumeric fonts design. With this many option, you can be as creative you want and create different design for each of your project. What’s lacking in this side is the font design because even though you can make words easily now, unfortunately you still can’t resize them, so it may be too small or too big depend on your preference.

Automation is also what makes this machine a useful unit to have. For example, it has an automatic needle threader which used to take times to do and can be quite annoying sometime now simplified by this feature, so you don’t have to do the tedious work anymore. For those who prefer top bobbin, you will also love this machine for it is using the system; this will be friendlier for many users because it is easier to see if the bobbin thread is already empty or not. Read also: Singer 9100 vs 9960 here.

Moreover, the Singer 9100 also has mirroring function button along with elongation function which is not always available in other similar machines. Its needle is programmable, so you can make it stop at the highest position possible when you stop sewing which will make it easier to remove the fabric and you can make it stop in downward position to make quilt and the like more manageable. Another good feature to have is extension table because it can help you when dealing with larger project and this very machine is coming with one.

When looking for a sewing machine, you probably also want to know how fast is the machine because it will play an important role to how quick you can finish your project. Singer 9100 is not the fastest machine you can get but it still able to deliver a decent 750 stitches per minute. Coming with the unit, you will get accessories like all-purpose foot, zipper foot, blind hem foot, satin stitch foot, and many more.

SINGER COMPUTERIZED SEWING MACHINE: The SINGER Professional 9100 Sewing Machine has loads of ease-of-use features including a Built-in Needle Threader, Top Drop In Bobbin, Speed Control, and a Self-Adjusting Tension System just to list a few.

All in all, the decision is all yours to make. If you are asking who Singer 9100 is made for, the answer will be those sewer either professional or hobbyist who are already experienced in sewing and not a beginner because we think that this amount of stitch is not that important for new learners. But, if you are the type who use many design or do quilt, this machine won’t disappoint you.

Singer 9100 Review: Specification
– Computerized sewing machine
– 404 built-in stitch
– 750 stitches per minute
– Top bobbin

Singer 9100 Review: Ppros
– Many stitches
– Automation
– Fast
– Easy to use
– Can do reverse stitches

Singer 9100 Review: Cons
– Not very useful for beginners
– Can’t handle very heavy material or more than a few layers or materials

Singer 9100 Review: Price
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