Singer 9960 vs. 9980

Even though that the names are very much similar and only distinguished by a single digit, Singer 9960 is not actually so similar to Singer 9980. If we talk about price, Singer 9980 is quite considerably more expensive than Singer 9960, and the gap is usually something around one hundred bucks, more or less. Yet, both models are extremely popular on the market as high-performance sewing machines. They are also heavily feature-packed. You can hardly find another sewing machine that comes with similar value at the same price. However, the question at our hands right now is: which model is better? We can expect Singer 9980 to have some more things than Singer 9960, but we are not sure yet which one that makes the fullest value for our money. Let us see the comparisons!

Singer 9960 vs. 9980

We can certainly notice at a glance that Singer 9960 is very much different from Singer 9980. The 9960 has an extended table so that you can put large projects there more neatly. The 9960 has its LCD screen near the rear, along with a bunch of buttons for control. It is dominantly colored in white. On the other hand, the 9980 comes with a regular-size table. The 9980 has blue and white hues, and has the LCD screen placed on the upper part. The 9980 has fewer buttons.

One important note is that Singer 9960 and Singer 9980 have different types of controls. Singer 9960 has normal buttons that are quite similar to other sewing machine models, while Singer 9980 utilizes arrow buttons for navigation. Both of them are basically easy to use. Find more about Singer’s product here.

One of the reasons that make Singer 9980 considerably more expensive than Singer 9960 is that it comes with a lot more built-in stitches. Singer 9980 has 820 built-in stitches while Singer 9960 only has 600. Even so, both come with complete basic stitches and 13 styles of one-step buttonholes, also 5 different font styles. Only the number of decorative stitches that differs between these two models.

The next difference is that Singer 9980 comes with what it calls as Sewing Assitance. This is claimed to be a premium feature that gives information about the selected stitch, length and width settings, tension, and recommended presser foot on its LCD screen. However, this feature is not very special because other advanced sewing machines come with similar capability. Singer 9960 can also do the same thing.

The rest of their features are identical. They have similar performance with 850 stitches/minute motor speed, with consistent stitch quality on various fabrics. They are also very quiet when working. Both have top drop-in bobbin systems, dual LEDs for lighting, and 20 lbs of weight.

- Automatic needle threader and top drop-in bobbin system make for quick and easy set-up
- 600 built-in stitches including 13 styles of fully automatic one-step buttonholes and 5 different fonts provide endless project possibilities
- Stitch editing capabilities allow you to control the exact look of a stitch pattern with elongation and mirror imaging
- One-touch automatic thread cutter trims the upper and lower threads when you are done sewing for faster and easier sewing
- Electronic auto pilot and speed control provide complete control of sewing speed making sewing difficult areas easier and error-free.
- Built-In sewing sewer assistance is just like having your most trusted sewing friend at your side
- Automatic thread cutter instantly trims the top and bobbin threads at the touch of a button
- Start / stop button & speed control allows you to control your maximum sewing speed, with or without the foot controller
- 820 built-in stitches: 10 basic, 21 stretch, 776 decorative, 13 fully automatic 1-step buttonholes, 5 block & script alphabets & numerals
- Stitch memory with editing allows you to save and edit select stitch combinations to create personalized patterns and designs

Singer 9960 vs. 9980
The only real advantage that Singer 9980 has over Singer 9960 is the extra stitches. They have similar high performance and excellent output quality. We don’t think the extra stitches can justify the significantly higher price. Therefore, for the fullest value for your money, choose Singer 9960!

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